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It’s not your imagination. Men really do eat more meat than women, study says. Associated Press, June 2024.

Everything can be meat. The Atlantic, March 2024.

A demographic time bomb is about to hit the beef industry. WIRED, December 2023.

Is 'vegan' a dirty word? Study finds it turns some people off. WebMD, December 2023.

Inside the tasty mission to get you to eat lab grown meat. The Daily Beast, September 2023.

Redefining masculinity, reducing meat consumption. Faunalytics, August 2023.

Bruin Bucks: Business in plant-based meat alternatives is rising, but is interest declining? Daily Bruin, February 2023.

The quad: Although pandemic left lasting impacts on Bruins, students have proven resilient. Daily Bruin, January 2023.

Uncovering stereotypes about race and vegetarianism. SPSP Character & Context Blog, August 2022.

People in the United States strongly associate vegetarianism with whiteness, study finds. PsyPost, August 2022.

To eat or not to eat: the psychology behind our meat-consuming choices. UCLA College, June 2022.

Overcoming the ick factor of lab-grown meat. Scienceline, June 2022.

Eating meat is the Western norm. But norms can change. Science News, May 2022.

Why do people think cultured meat is disgusting? Psychology Today, February 2022.

Many people seem disgusted by the thought of eating cultured meat. ScienceAlert, January 2022.

Why Americans eat so much meat. Cheddar News, September 2021.

Researchers find link between meat consumption, conformity to gender roles. Daily Bruin, August 2021.

Men like meat because it makes them feel more manly. Daily Mail, July 2021.

Men eat meat to feel like a real man. New York Post, July 2021.

COVID-19 pandemic may have increased preferences for traditional gender roles. PsyPost, February 2021.

Study predicts potential societal outcomes of COVID-19 pandemic. Daily Bruin, November 2020.


Researchers study connections between reasons for vegetarianism across different groups. The California Aggie, April 2020.


Faces of food: Daniel Rosenfeld. Grounded Grub, April 2020.


My friend eats fish and says she’s vegan. Is she really? Psychology Today, November 2019.


The vegetarian’s dilemma: Do fish qualify as meat? Psychology Today, November 2019.

How cutting down on meat affects your social identity. The British Psychological Society Research Digest, October 2019.


Study finds people hesitant to switch to meatless diets because of taste and health. Daily Bruin, October 2019.

The Psychology of Vegetarianism. Science Trends, January 2019.

Research suggests that vegans really are more judgmental than vegetarians. Quartz, October 2018.

What’s the psychology of plant-based eaters? Whole Food Plant Based Diet, September 2018.

The p-hack rap: How to improve psychological science one hip hop song at a time. Psychology Today, February 2018.

Understanding what motivates plant-based eaters. Faunalytics, August 2017.

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Lecturer connects self identity to ‘psychology of vegetarianism.’ The Cornell Daily Sun, March 2017.


Being a vegetarian isn’t just about what you eat. New York Magazine, February 2017.

Undergrad researchers make pitches at CURBx. Cornell Chronicle, November 2016.

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