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When I'm not in the lab or classroom, you might find me at a local ping-pong club.


Since 2013, I've been training for and competing in table-tennis tournaments around the world through the U.S. Paralympics. Here's a look at my Athletic Vita and some fun memories I've made over the years:

U.S. Open Gold Medalist, Paralympic Division (2022)

U.S. National Championships Bronze Medalist, Paralympic Division (2022)

U.S. Open Bronze Medalist, Paralympic Division (2021)

Ranked #71 in the World, Paralympic Class 7 Men (2018)

Ranked #2 in the U.S., Paralympic Class 7 Men (2018)

U.S. Representative at three international tournaments (2013-2017)

U.S. National Junior Paralympic Team Member (2014)

Certified Coach of USA Table Tennis (2015-Present)


San Diego, 2013


Spain, 2014

Table-tennis players often vary whether they serve with their backhand (left photo) or forehand (right photo). You've got to keep your opponent on their toes somehow.


The USA Paralympic Table Tennis family

Las Vegas, 2017


Ithaca, 2015

I also played for Cornell's team during college.

Go Big Red!


Pleasantville, NY, 2013


Lastly, a special memory from early on in my table-tennis journey:

Here's me playing doubles with my pal, Will Shortz. When he's not working as crossword editor for The New York Times, there's a good chance Will's playing table tennis.


I had the honor of being Will's doubles partner for a tournament in 2013. It was a fun time.

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